Who is Mister O.?

First of all, THANKS for watching "A Day In The Life of Mister O!" I started work for this movie and its campaign during my final thesis. I had come up with the idea before my final thesis, but it hadn't been really clear to me how to find a straightforward and clever way of storytelling without being too obvious.

"A Day In The Life Of Mister O." is a narrative about the ocean. The ocean itself is an abstract representation portrayed through a human, who pursues and executes his daily business, just like us. The film exhibits the environmental problems we face today in a society that is increasingly consuming more and more.

The film does not attempt to give the viewer a moral sermon. Instead, the movie converts tangible facts and numbers into simple pictures and metaphors for the human mind. It is not only a documentary about the facts of how we pollute mother earth, it also shows ways for a better future. The film promotes a number of non-profit organizations that educate people on how to take care of the environment and encourages the audience to participate. It is a dedication to the ocean and mother nature as well as several non-profit organizations.

Traveling around and seeing people destroy the beach and nature unconsciously makes me wonder if as humans we somehow try to be better than the great force of mother nature. We build up all these enormous things so much, such as the colossal economy, towering stock markets, giant cars, massive oil platforms, huge plastic consumption, vast carbon foot prints, and immense food and water wasting. So all the oversized objects and tools Mister O. is using in the movie are metaphors for our excessive waste in the western civilisation and also our megalomaniac consumption.

We all are human and still make mistakes! Trying to change these mistakes is hard but not impossible! To deal with the fact that we are destroying ourselves is a good motivation for me to do something about it... My best way to fight against it is to make Art that reminds us of what we are doing to the Earth right now. I am looking for friends who share the same ideas and thoughts.

Wishing the best,

(director & producer of "A Day In The Life of Mister O.)



Current Issues that I highlight in my movie:

1. plastic waste
2. P.O.P. (Persistent Organic Pollutants)
3. pharmaceutical drugs
4. overfishing
5. pesticides and fertilizers
6. other chemicals


Get in touch with organizations, the cast, director and the crew!

For further information:

Kristijan Kolak
Bebelstrasse 43
70193 Stuttgart


or just call: +49 - 177 257 35 46

Who is the Cast and Crew

The Cast and Crew that supported me and made all this possible...


Cast: Willy Rollé
Peter Stebbing
Director: Kristijan Kolak

Director Assistance:
Willy Rollé
2nd Director Assistance: Klaudia Kordic

Camera: Kristijan Kolak
Simon Walter
Camera Engineer: Walter Pitterling

Gaffer: Simon Walter
Jan Roth

Chief Lighting: Jan Roth
Dennis Weinmann
Tobias Kraft

Sound Engineer: Mick Baumeister
Florian Klanten


Florian Klanten
Jan Roth
Damir Rasic

Kristijan Kolak
Tonci Petric

Production: Kristijan Kolak

Executive Producer: Klaudia Kordic
Unit Production
Jan Roth
Damir Rasic
Production Designer: Kristijan Kolak

Set Runner: Mladen Kordic
Danijel Petric
Damir Rasic
Tonci Petric

VFX Producer: Kristijan Kolak
Silvio Schwarz
Stefan Brunner

VFX Supervisor: Silvio Schwarz

Illustrator: Valentin [Shu] Fischer

Script Editor: Kristijan Kolak

Script Doctor: Prof. Ralf Dringenberg
Prof. Michael Götte
Johanna Stuke
Helena Vranjes
Adrian Sennewald
Peter Stebbing
Willy Rollé
Special Thanks for:
Moral Support: Prof. Ralf Dringenberg
Prof. Michael Götte
Prof. Peter Stebbing
Prof. Dr. Dr. Berg
Prof. Frank Zebner
Alfonso Alavarez
[California College of the Arts]
Todd Blair
[California College of the Arts]

Inga & Harald Stetzer
Cristina Salerno

Family Kolak
Family Kordic

Family Petric

Family Rasic

Family Petrovic

Grace Wu

Jens Franke
Johanna Stuke
Ivonne Wagner
Stefanie Hösch
Thomas Gläser
And all the rest that i didn't mention

Filmstock Support: Kristian Golder
[Kodak Munich Germany]
Christian Schlepple
[Kodak Köln Germany]

Camera Support: Herr Pitterling

MediaLab Support: Mareike Graf
Benedikt Gross
and the rest
of the Medialab Crew

Modelshop Support: Wolfgang Pompe
Siegfried Hägele
Volkmar Meyer-Schonbohm
Jens Krause
Gerd Schmidt

and to all the students that
made it possible to build
those great and beatiful
gigantic models

CNC Mill Support: Jens Krause
Johannes Becker
Moritz Merkel
Phillip von Lintel

ComputerLab Support: Ulrike Matt
Josef Rieg
Emmerich Reize
Günther Alka
Sebastian Bulitta
Torsten Malcherczyk
Benjamin Schöpfer

Print Support: Frank Müller
[HfG Plot Unit No.1]

Sustainable Print
Uwe Höger
[UWS Papier und Druck]

André Soterio
[YUPO Europe]

Student Assistence: Lea Vanessa Pagel
Birgit Lorinser
Carmen Menzel
and the rest too...

Library Support: Hanna Heer
Prof. Michael Burke
Birgit Rometsch
Dear Mahngot
saved me

Music Support: Mattson Two
Stefan Holz\(bein\)warth
High-Phi-Mo-Jo Soundsystem
Jens Franke
Benjamin Wesch

Storage Support: Günther Alka [100GB+]

Dentist Support: Dr. Julia Beringer

Stilwerk Support: Daniel Müller
Margarita Riedel
Stefanie Hösch
Ivonne Wagner

Equipment Support: Hans Bertleff
Ilse Beck

Fish Support:


Sustainable Plastic
Tony Shelmerdine
[Monosol AF Ltd.]
UnitedKingdom is the best...

Rainer Saverschek
Storyboard Support: Christoph Staiber

How to help my friend

It doesn't take a big effort to change the situation. So how can a single person make a difference? One action multiplied by many affects a lot.

here are some idea what could do.

 1.  Plant a tree or any other type of vegetation.
 2.  Try using tote bags or backpacks instead of plastic bags!
 3.  Don't throw medicine in the trash or flush it down the toilet! Dispose of them properly!
 4.  Pick up yours and others left litter at the beach!
 5.  Respect the locals of the beach and it habitats, just keep the place clean and peaceful!
 6.  Avoid buying endangered or rare fish.
 7.  To avoid pesticides and coatings, buy organic foods instead.
 8.  Try using less paper when possible and using recycled paper when you have to.
 9.  You can also recycle your old cell phones, print cartridges and some old electronics.
10. Talk with your friends and family let them know! Enjoy the enviroment and be openminded!

Whether you decide to make a donation, become a member or offer your active collaboration – support organisations which develop projects, campaigns and political strategies to create fair market conditions as well as ecologically and socially sustainable conditions – conditions which should of course be economically viable – in agriculture, enviromentalism and beyond.

how to help this project:Do you want to help this project spread? Just click here for more information.."

The Movie watch it

watch the movie to meet him and get more about him...

How to help this project

As mentioned before, I started this film and campaign during my final thesis. This was a NO BUDGET project! All the cost and time is my own. From buying and developing filmstock, building the props, geting the location, building the set, writing the script, and hiring the actors. I had a lot of people helping me out with that and without them this wouldn't be possible. I appreciate all of your helping hands and you earn my full respect for all your work!

It might look like the movie is finished, but it is not! There is still much to do. I would like to see people taking care of the environment, but as a director I would like to see this film in theater and in festivals, not just the internet. The film needs to be scanned in high resolution so that it can be shown in theaters and movie festivals. I also need to do some post production special effects and color correction. There are also musicians and record companies that are need to be honored and payed for their hard work and distribution of music. But as you can imagine, it is pretty hard to invest all your time and passion into a project if you need to worry about your next paycheck and how to pay your rent. I want to expand this project and I could use some help.

If you want to donate something feel free to use PayPal Logo and donate to help this project!
Or if you are running a film business or have good contacts to the film and music industry that could offer me a film scan and postproduction or licensing music for really good conditions. Or you are a professional just let me know and contact me!
I appreciate any help!


Kristijan (director and producer)


watch it

so why so why so why so why...